Mariangela Levita (Aversa 1972), lives and works between Naples and London.

Mariangela Levita graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in 1994.

Levita focuses her attention on the textual organization of the aesthetic operation, with the clear intention of creating a context in which to generate an image alphabet: line, color, not light color.

Thanks to an over linguistic research, the works of Levita aim to create an empathic relationship with the public, to stimulate visual perception without following a figurative and narrational logic.


His alphabet of signs combines only apparently opposed elements: ancient forms translate into contemporary patterns, the uniqueness of pictorial intervention turns into graphic seriality.

The artist has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Italy and abroad including Museo Pecci (Prato), Museo MADRE (Napoli), SAM Select (Colonia), Castello Di Rivalta (Torino), SPSI Art Museum (Shanghai), Galleria Comunale (Monfalcone), Voice Gallery (Marrakech), FAMA Gallery (Verona).


He has made several permanent public works including: Uno Sguardo Sospeso (Padiglione Palermo, Cardarelli Hospital, Napoli 2007), Self-Definition (Linea 6 Stazione Metropolitana di Mergellina, Napoli 2008), Geometrical Sequence In Colour (Ponte Don Bosco, Napoli 2009), Flag Down (Casa dei Cristallini, Napoli 2012), WeTransfer / Solaris (Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà, Verona 2014 / 2015), Sette Opere per la Misericordia in dialogo con Caravaggio (Pinacoteca Pio Monte della Misericordia, Napoli 2014).