Mariangela Levita was born in Aversa in 1972, lives and works between Napoli and London.

Thanks to an over linguistic research, the works of Levita aim to create an empathic relationship with the public.
Once the gap between the representation of re­ality and the disruption of one’s own linguistic codes has been overcome, the pictorial medi­um in the search for Levita becomes a self-re­flexive practice, analysis of a code, meta-painting that critically elaborates the relationship with tradition and at the same time refines the tools to redefine the present of this medium.

The artist has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Italy and abroad including: PECCI Museum, Prato; MADRE Museum, Naples; SAM Select, Cologne; Rivalta Cas­tle, Turin; Palace of the Permanente, Milan; Spazio Borgogno, Milan; Municipal Gallery, Monfalcone; in 2013 at the Voice Gallery, Marrakech and FAMA Gallery, Verona.
He has made several permanent public works including: Uno Sguardo Sospeso, Palermo Pavillion, A. Cardarelli hospital, Naples 2007; Geometrical Sequence In Co-lour, Don Bosco bridge, Naples 2010; Flag Down, Casa dei Cristallini, Naples 2012; WeTransfer / Solaris, Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà, Verona 2014 / 2015. Since 2014, his “site specific” Extra - Terrestre work for the project “Sette Opere per la Misericordia in dialogo con Caravaggio” is present in the permanent collection in the picture gallery of the Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples.
In November 2019 she created a temporary “site specific” TUTTO.Leonardo, for the Italian Cultural Institute C.M. Lerici, Stockholm. A “total project” that broadly combines Leonardo da Vinci and Gio Ponti, who designed and built the prestigious architecture of the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm.