Art book and Dvd about a site specific work inside Cardarelli Hospital, Napoli.

Edition by Fate Presto

Designed by Lucio Luongo



Photo by Luciano Romano


Space, form, colour, sign, are the places that artist Mariangela Levita attends since her beginnings with the intention of building her own project of art.


A theoretical and linguistics prospective reflects upon the possibilities of the art to become knowledge and learning, the place of communication and the space for a dialogue. Mind is a video work that is born out of a digital revising of her wall painting.


“A suspended view”, 2007, realized in the Palermo Pavilion of Cardarelli Hospital, Naples; a project planned in order to redefine and underline the aseptic hospital space, to mark it and make it emerge from its anonymous and indifferent continuum.


Painting is the place of privilege of Mariangela Levita’s work, a language that the artist uses to build forms and articulate their processes, to verify the possibilities of colour and light, to measure and define space. Painting becomes the linguistics machine that plays with possible language contaminations and the continuity of a sign.


Thus, in Marinagela Levita’ s research, the wall painting, her suspended view ,becomes book, verbatim and photographic documentation of the project; she finally redefines its own structure, elaborates and amplifies her perception in the form of a video.


Mind is the mental and digital journey of the drawing in the hospital ceiling, a journey that stimulates us to use our mind : “use your mind” repeats the obsessive sound of Pietro La Hara, to reach the endless prospective of forms and colours.


The architecture, at times real and at other times virtual, becomes the space in which the chromatic vocabulary that makes up its writing of signs and symbols suggests a wise exercise of perception, of vision, a staged suspension between the absolute of the forms and rigorous science.

Alessandro Demma