Vinyl color Limited Edition 1/60

Artwork Mariangela Levita

From the Site Specific installation TUTTO.Leonardo

27.11.2019 10.02.2020

Cur. by Adriana Rispoli

Italian Cultural Institute, C.M. Lerici, Stockholm

Music by Domenico Crisci (side A negativity, side B no future)



TUTTO. / concept

TUTTO. – title of digital composition - is an audio video loop that through the use of an alphabet of colors - like an invisible score - translates Leonardo’s axiom of the sisterhood of the arts into visual perceptions:


la pittura una poesia muta

art is mute poetry


la poesia una pittura cieca

poetry is blind art


la musica la rappresentazione delle cose invisibili

music is the symbolic imagery of invisible things


Transposed in a contemporary language into a digital work that intends to spread beyond the interior of the Institute - in the Giò Ponti equipped wall and in the auditorium through the technological channels of the contemporary era.

Completed by an electronic composition of the young Italian musician Domenico Crisci starting from the sounds of the mechanical drum, the first musical instrument designed by Leonardo.

In an era where painting is considered an “ancient” if not obsolete medium, the work pays a contemporary homage to Leonardo by enhancing his talents as a scientist and above all as a “painter”, sharing the ideal that painting is a mental thing .

A linear, minimal, modular, abstract composition, a true transposition of silent and visual writing obtained through the use of the existing colors in the color alphabet from A to Z.

From this alphabet I extrapolated the individual colors, choosing them according to their initial in correspondence with the letters that make up the words. ex: [A – Arancione]