portfolio/public works



Installation view

Walpaper print on paper

300 x 400 cm

Permanent installation

Linea 6 Metro Mergellina Station Napoli


Public Work

Self Definition is a bi dimensional work made of six posters of variable dimensions and installed over a flat surface.


Self Definition is born from the synthesis of all those signs, symbols and codes that belong to our collective visual heritage. Self Definition wants to be a visual reflection upon the brand-vision of mass communication and consumption.


In these six posters I have portrayed single visions of abstract synthesis where an identity is perceived and a definition of ourselves is returned back to us. Here dimensions, sign and colour communicate through that perception of mood that we experience on an everyday basis.


The site of the installation underlines the language of Self Definition: a fast experience in a place where one moves from one place to the other, crossing a route to reach a destination. This amplifies the vision of things in a subjective way and at the same time it serves the need to find ourselves within the signs that surround us.


The six posters of Self Definition are simply six different visions of multiple identities, engaged in a dialogue within the synthesis composition of visual language.